Staff Outsourcing

Various Operations Office Affairs Interior Design Construction Restaurant Affairs
Waiting on customers, Sales Event, Exhibition Health Care, Welfare Hotels, Accommodations
Translation, Guidance Sales Promotion Inspection, Package Introduction of Foreigners

@ Various Operations
We will satisfy your needs for various talented people, such as carrying in or taking out, cleaning, goods arrangement, a delivery assistant, and event preparation in a factory, a warehouse, an event, a hotel, store, and an office. We will dispatch various talented people regardless of the type of business and the type of job, irrespective of a short period or a long period of time, etc.

A Office Affairs staff-dispatching Service
We are doing staff-dispatching from the general affairs, such as data-input, telephone appointment, filling, etc. to the special clerical work, such as sales affairs, accounting business, financial relations, trade office work, etc. We will make a proposal of the suitable staff according to the customer’s demand.


time schedule

B Interior Design Construction Staff-dispatching Service
On the spot of construction and interior design, we can support the carrying in of the construction materials, the maintenance of the inside of the building, the cleaning work, etc.Moreover, we can also support the carrying in of the interior construction material, the installation of the fixtures, and the contracting service of the construction management affairs. We can widely support a variety of business.

C Restaurant Affairs Staff-dispatching Service
We can dispatch and introduce the Chinese and Japanese cuisine’s chef, dietitian and the hall staff. Comprehensive: the general chief cook, the candidate of the chief cook, the candidate of the vice chief cook, the qualified chef. The Chinese food chef: the cook who has got a national cook license.

D Waiting on Customers, Sales Staff-dispatching Service
We can dispatch the sales staff of the clothing industry and food industry. We can dispatch the suitable staff according to the customer’s demand.Such as the merchandise exhibition, the merchandise explanation, the cashier, the soccer, the clothing, the food, the furniture, the home electronics appliance, the accessories, the cosmetics, the drug, etc.

price table

Invent, Exhibition
We can dispatch the necessary talented people in the management of event, such as in the reception, the guidance, the lead, the sales, the construction, the master of a ceremony, etc. We can dispatch the talented people according to the customer’s request.

Medical Treatment, Welfare
We can dispatch and introduce the requested people to the medical facilities or the nursing facilities.

Hotel, Accommodations
We can dispatch and introduce the requested people to the hotel or the accommodations.

Interpreter & Guide
We can dispatch the interpreter to the meeting, the event, the business discussion, the factory training, etc.  The interpreter and the guide (English, Chinese, etc.) that we dispatch hold the national qualification.

Sales Promotion
At the request of the customer, we can dispatch and introduce the talented people with the abundant experience and the special skills in the store, the office, the warehouse, the hotel.

Inspection, Packing
We can dispatch the working staff, such as in the inspection, the picking, the packing, the jamming of a bag, the simply assembly, the wrapping, etc.

Introduction of Foreigners
At present, May of Heisei 22, the number of foreign students in Japan reaches 141,774, and it is the most in the past. We can introduce and dispatch global staffs with high language skills and special skills.We can also introduce the request staffs for the overseas expansion start.

  • In various parts of Japan, we will dispatch the request foreigners who are playing an active role in various parts of Japan with our database.
  • To realize the suitable business system by the sourcing service in various field and special affairs.