We have the interpretation service for the conference and business negotiation, and tape’s transcription.

・Language: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Philippine, Thai, Spain, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, etc

  • ・Simultaneous translation equipment: About the special-purpose machine material which is needed in the case of simultaneous translation, arrangements could be made collectively.
  • ・Transcribe into tape: Besides Japanese and English, the report during the meeting can be transcribed into other languages.
  • ・Bilingual staff: We have bilingual staff who can act as an interpreter at a trade fair or a show, or in an international conference, etc.

The prepare for the simultaneous translation system

・The "simultaneous translation system" consists of various equipments, such as an interpretation booth, a microphone, headphone, and a receiver, and can be installed in accordance with the scale of a meeting, the hall, etc. An interpreter is supported with good technology and equipment, as a result, meeting participants’ more natural communication is attained, and it is connected to advance of a smooth meeting.

Interpretation Rate

The airfare of the round trip to a meeting venue, and the bus and taxi rent price in the fare for the round trip meeting venue and the train fare will be charged expenses incurred. We will charge 2,000JPY uniformly as the transportation expenses for a business trip 30-km beyond the Yamanote Line.If the transportation fare is beyond \2,000,we will charge according to the expenses incurred.However, the taxi fee will be charged otherwise.

Please ask separately for the transportation expenses in the case of needing the interpreter in Kansai, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Class Rate (tax)
1 passenger half a day
(within 3hours)
1 passenger a day 1 hour over
Class A 67,000JPY
Class B 53,000JPY
Class C 34,000JPY
General Class 16,500JPY